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Pasture Raised Eggs
Pasture Raised Eggs are produced from Hens with 108 ftof beautiful outdoor accommodations. Each Hen enjoys 108 ft2 of rotated pasture year round. Pastures are rotated to keep them green and plentiful for each Hens' delight. Hens raised on pasture are known to be happier and produce a superior quality egg. Every morning, weather permitting, barn doors open and the Hens can't get to their favorite sun bathing spots fast enough! Although Hens graze on their favorite snacks produced by Mother Nature, they're provided with a supplemental feed that is always available.

The Facts:
  • Raised on 108 ftof Luscious Pastures
  • Certified Pasture Raised
  • Produced by small Mennonite Family Farms
  • Flock Size 4,000 to 12,500 Hens
  • Pastures are free of Herbicides and Pesticides
  • ​Access to Pastures year round
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