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MSSE has implemented the Certified Humane® Free Range standard as a baseline accommodation along with routine verifications of feed ingredients to meet Non-GMO Project Verified Standards.
Free Range Non-GMO​​
Free Range Non-GMO Eggs are produced from Hens raised by the American Humane CertifiedTM standards and fed a wholesome vegetarian based diet consisting of traceable feed ingredients. Each Hen enjoys 21.8 ft​of outdoor access.
Non-GMO Eggs are produced by Hens fed a vegetarian diet of traceable ingredients not derived from genetically modified organisms. All 3 types of Non-GMO Eggs produced by Mid-States Specialty Eggs are free to roam outdoors.
Pasture Raised Non-GMO

Certified By:

​Pasture Raised Non-GMO Eggs are produced by Hens that enjoy 108 ftof pasture and receive a supplemental feed of traceable and verified vegetable ingredients. 

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