Eggs "R" Us, Inc

About Us

After a long career working in commercial egg production, Bill Schroeder found himself being concerned for the quality of life of laying hens. He was convinced things could be better. Mr. Schroeder believed he could help with the growth of the evolving egg market while fulfilling his own desire to increase the quality of life for the birds by giving them the freedom to roam. 

Eggs "R" Us, Inc. began working directly with Mid-States Specialty Eggs to market their eggs in 2009, which created a strong partnership based on the shared values of honesty, hard work, and a consistent personalized approach to flock management. The relationship has resulted in a happier hen and a higher quality egg.

Since 2009, Eggs "R" Us, Inc. has grown and has become the sole marketer for Mid-States Specialty Eggs offering; Cage Free, Free Range, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, and a variety of Organic eggs to the industry. All their specialty eggs exceed the minimum requirements and hold multiple Animal Welfare certifications.

Eggs "R" Us has the ability to customize a solution to meet the intricate needs of each customer. We utilize various delivery methods, schedules, and transportation networks to optimize shelf life and ensure the customer's needs are met while maintaining egg quality.

Our Commitment

Committed to Quality

​Eggs “R” Us, Inc. and Mid-States Specialty Eggs are committed to delivering quality fresh eggs from our family farms to your table. We have dedicated ourselves to seek out new opportunities and processes to set new goals for ourselves and our companies to preserve the land for generations to come. As a whole, we are committed to humanely raising our Hens by feeding them only wholesome and nutritious feed, continue adopting the best animal welfare practices from around the world, and adhering to our Food Safety Standards.